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All of these questions are of considerable importance when investing in property, and it can be overwhelming for someone not quite sure of what they should be doing. As property buyers agents in Brisbane and South East Queensland we can help make this process easier and take the emotion out of the equation.

We can help design an investment strategy that is just right for you in the context of your needs and goals, and the current Brisbane property investment market.

We have a finger directly on the pulse of South East Queensland real estate and will give you exactly what you need to help you make a solid and informed investment decision. As your property buyers agent we combine insider knowledge and property connections with extensive research and buying experience to help new and experienced property investors make the best decisions possible with representation on their side – and not the sellers.

Property is a great way to invest your money and can provide excellent long term returns when done right.

If you engage Anton Property Co as your property buyers agent to source and secure a property in Brisbane or wider South East Queensland, we’ll go through the following steps to ensure a successful property investment plan.


STEP 1 – STRATEGY: Investing in property starts with extensive research. Based on your personal requirements, we help design a property investment strategy for your individual situation.


STEP 2 – RESEARCH: Selecting the right investment property starts with extensive research. Based on your investment goals, we help design a property investment strategy for your individual situation. We then conduct extensive market analysis to identify suburbs and properties likely to deliver the best return using leading property research tools.


STEP 3 – SHORTLISTING: We ensure that every opportunity is evaluated against dozens of factors, including local market conditions, comparable sales and property specifications. We then shortlist the best investment opportunities based on your requirements for you to choose from. We are also highly skilled at uncovering “off-market” opportunities.


STEP 4 – APPRAISAL: Once you have decided on a particular property, we will carry out an appraisal and provide you with an accurate estimate of value for your potential purchase.


STEP 5 – NEGOTIATE & SECURE: Once you’ve decided on a property to buy, we will negotiate the best price and terms to secure the property. We will arrange all inspections and facilitate the exchange of contracts. We will arrange all necessary building & pest inspections and liaise with solicitors and any other parties to ensure a successful and problem free settlement. 

Better Investment Decisions

Being on your side as property buyers agents we consider a larger range  of criteria in forming a solid investment basis such as annual capital growth, median rent, rental yield, vacancy rate, number of sales, days on market, population, gross weekly income, median monthly mortgage repayments, online search demand and many more and covers property data for all suburbs across Brisbane and South East Queensland.

We use live data platforms to pinpoint the top suburbs for high capital growth and rental yield. Don’t risk searching the real estate market for your ideal investment property on your own. Let us search wide and far help you find the investment property of your dreams, as well as advising you on how to get the most out of your new purchase. We are immersed in the property market and are able to provide a real estate forecast that is literally up-to-the-minute.

Imagine taking the time, stress and risk out of investing in property in Brisbane – that’s exactly what using a property buyers agent gives you

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Why Invest In Brisbane and South East Queensland?

Prior to COVID-19 making its impact on the economy, several factors indicated growth across Queensland’s dwelling markets, particularly in the South East Queensland region.

A factor was the moderation in dwelling completions. Over the March quarter, only 8,805 homes were completed, down from a peak of almost 12,300 three years ago. Another driver is the interstate migration data.

Three South East Queensland cities — Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Ipswich — reported the highest volume of net interstate migration. The territory where most migrators to Queensland came from was the Australian Capital Territory.

These migration patterns reflect the strength in demand across Brisbane and South East Queensland. This will be crucial in the growth of Queensland’s housing market as it recovers 

Queensland, so far, has recorded mild declines in dwelling values amid the pandemic and in fact is reporting indicators of broad price growth in many areas. Over the quarter, the capital growth declined only by 0.2% in Brisbane and by 0.1% in regional markets. This is in comparison to the more substantial declines, particularly in bigger housing markets in New South Wales and Victoria.

The fact is that compared to Sydney and Melbourne’s property markets, Brisbane was and is still priced significantly lower and offers a lot of value. Not to mention the lifestyle, weather and other benefits that it offers, which can only attract further migration from southern states in the post Covid recovery. Anton Property Co, property buyers agents Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are equipped to help you capitalise on the opportunities that South East Queensland has to offer and acquire the most secure property investment.

The Benefit of having us on your side?

If you are looking for genuine hardworking property buyers agents Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast to assist you to secure a solid residential investment – we encourage you to book in a call to discuss your requirement.